With a long weekend approaching and the price of gas being the way it is, a road trip seems a little ominous. In this state alone, traffic has been down this summer about 6% with an expected 750,000 cars on the road this weekend. (from Maine Business)

I'm sure a lot of us will spend the weekend in a car so I thought we could use a little gas price cheering up. Here is how much a gallon costs in terms of some of life's other important liquids:

Budweiser: $8.88
Hershey's syrup: $13.23
Coffee: $17.44
Smirnoff vodka: $18
Head and Shoulders shampoo: $37.74
Salsa: $40

Robitussin DM: $109.76
Sunscreen: $160
Chanel #5: $15,200

Anything interesting you want to add to the list? Comment below, and feel better that we don't fill our cars with some of this other stuff.

Prices from cockeyed, chicagoist, coldchilli, and me.

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