Yesterday, I drove to my hometown and surprised my mom for Mother’s Day. The five hours driving and taking half a day off work were completely worth it to see the look on her face when I walked in.

I like to be helpful when I come visit so I asked her if there was anything she needed help with. She needs a new laptop charger for her computer (I like being the tech person in her life, even though probably to many people, I’m low tech). I got on the case this morning.

I heard about Deal Extreme from Brown Eyed Girl And Her Money as a cheap way to get electronics. I was waiting to check it out until I had something to buy.

I found the laptop charger for my mom’s specific computer in a quick Google search. The price looks good ($26) until you go and put it in your shopping cart. Ten dollars is the minimum amount in shipping, which brings the price to almost $40.

I then did a quick search on Deal Extreme for the same product. With shipping included, $21. Now that’s a little better.

Brown-eyed Girl had good things to say about it (though I can’t find her entry on it at the moment), saying she got the product quickly and it worked well. I believe her, I mean, she is on my blogroll.

So if you need a 4G flash drive ($21) or crystal soil balls for your plants ($2) it’s worth a quick check to see if Deal Extreme has what you need. It’s the best deal around as far as I can tell. And I mean, who doesn’t love a slightly quirky Japanese company?

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