You know when you have a really great relationship with someone you do business with? I feel that with my insurance company. I am on a first name basis with them. They tell me when I've forgotten to sign something. It's lovely.

While I was reading All Your Worth, I got the idea to renegotiate the larger expenses in my life (as in save dollars not pennies). I don't have many bills but car insurance is a big-ish and regular one. There are so many commericals for car insurance companies, I thought I would see if fifteen minutes really could save me 15% or more on car insurance. 

Geico seems to be saving me about $10 a month and Progressive about $20 a month from what I'm currently paying, even when factoring in two accidents in the last three years.

I thought my insurance company was giving me the best rate. It's kind of like finding out some guy I really liked was flirting with other gals on the side.

So I have two options. One is to switch companies without telling my old company but the other is to let my insurance person know about the quotes I found and see what she can do. And since our relationship is so wonderful, it's certainly worth a conversation. Over email, that is. Plus switching companies without a conversation would feel like stopping calling some guy back: a little passive-aggressive and unclear. I'll keep you posted on how the conversation goes.

I feel so silly for expecting someone else to do it for me. So lesson learned yet again, advocate for yourself and know where your money is going. It could save you 15% or more on car insurance. And that's a lot cuter then a gecko.

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