Suspending My Gym Membership For The Summer

I joined the local Y (which happens to be right near where I live) when I first moved to lovely Ellsworth, Maine. It has served its purpose. I have been getting to the fitness room for some elliptical and strength training on a consistent basis. I have lost ten pounds (but remain firmly there, not losing any more for some reason!) Primary motivation to get to the gym besides avoiding fatness has been free fashion magazines to read while sweating and not wanting to be outside in yucky cold weather.

For several reasons, I have suspended my gym membership for the summer:

1) There is a ton going on. Between day trips and nighttime local events, I feel I should maximize the fact that this time of year, Maine comes alive. I shouldn't be worried that I haven't got in my semi-weekly date with the free weights.

2) The dog needs to walk. Sadie hates do go outside in the winter (mostly because the snow is usually deeper then her little legs) but loves her summer walks. If she doesn't get to go for one, she gets really impatient with me.

3) Longer daylight means it's easier to go for a walk after work, both physically and mentally. The only alternative in the winter to walking outside in the dark is the relative comfort of the Y. So if it's nice out, why not be out? Which brings me to…

4) I'm near cool outdoor attractions. Some places I could be in half an hour or less include Acadia National Park and lots of smaller walking/hiking venues like the Great Pond Fish Hatchery, Birdsacre, and Woodlawn Museum. I can not only walk me and the dog but take in some nature, too.

5) When else but summer can I use my mountain bike?

6) l'll save over $100. And who doesn't like that?

My lack of Y membership will definitely require me to have more discipline. I'll have to make sure to walk (at least) three nights a week and try to do some active crosstraining on the weekends like a hike or bike ride.

But I remind the Y that this is not "goodbye" but only "see you in the fall."

What are your fitness plans for the summer? 

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