I took this book out of the library last week in part because of its bright almost obnoxiously yellow cover. Also who isn't a rejection junkie? (When it comes to other people, that is.)

Firedjacketart2 Fired! Tales of the Canned, Canceled, Downsized, and Dismissed is a collection of stories of people getting fired. Getting fired is not something in general most people talk about but when asked, there is a sort of cathartic release in telling the story of a tramatic situation like this. I only wish I had a story; I actually have never been fired. (Though as mentioned in the book there are two kinds of people: those who have been fired and those who haven't been fired yet.)

What's fun about this book is you hear some juicy stories, some from people you don't know but many from people you do. Famous actors, comedians, and others in the enterainment industry (which is particularly known for rejection) share their stories. 

The stories are short, allowing you to sneak in "just one more".

The author Annabelle Gurwich was inspired to compile this book when she was fired by her idol, Woody Allen. I went to her website and thought she looked kind of familiar…

Annabelle used to host TBS's Dinner and A Movie, a favorite Friday tradition of my friend Laura and I. TBS would show a movie and hosts Paul and Annabelle would comment on the movie while cooking a dish very loosely related to said movie. Fake example: Dirty Dancing would be played while making Don't back baby into a corner ribs with watermelon salad. If you haven't figured out before, I am quite a corny person so this show appealed to me on a number of levels. Anyway, Annabelle compiled this book! And it was this fact I was excited by as much as reading how Sarah Silverman and some guy at a beta tape video store got canned (by fax and security cameras, respectively). 

So if you want some light breezy reading about rejection (or want to know how to better deal with this rejection yourself) check out the Fired! book or the upcoming movie.

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