It's been a few weeks that needed a haircut. It got to the point last week where I did a quick bang trim, twice.

Logo-pierres I am a big advocate of beauty schools. First of all, I can barely brush my hair while looking in the mirror so I admire the talent required (and the diplomacy required for certain customers!). Also, I like going to beauty schools because you often are having your hair cut by someone who is interesting, trying really hard to do a good job, and not stuck in a rut from having been cutting hair for their entire lives. All that and you can get a haircut for $5.

RJ was a smart sassy lady who cut my hair yesterday. With the money I saved on the haircut, I thought I would get some highlights to cover up my quickly greying hair. A couple hours, $20, and a new friend later, I have a rocking haircut. (Just a haircut would have been $5.)

Because I saved so much on my hairstyle, even with a good tip it cost half the price it would have in a salon in my town.

The catch? I had to wait an hour and since Saturdays are the walk-in days, and my getting in for an appointment was an unsure thing. But I'll happily wait anywhere with magazines. Plus I decided that whatever happened, I'd take the morning for me time.

This makes my second wonderful beauty school experience. Have you given them a try?


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