It’s no secret that I’ve been a WordPress user, integrator, and developer for the last 12 years. I know it’s built-in PHP, which is an ancient programming language (I mean I was in high school in 1995) and for a lot of people, it can be overkill. Also, there is this cool ‘headless CMS’ trend that’s kind of happening right now which is kind of a newer way to build websites:

So we can say WordPress is a bit old, a bit clunky, easy to hack if you don’t update it, and otherwise not perfect. But it has 43% of the total website market share so a lot of people continue to use it so we definitely have favorite plugins to maximize it!

Our Fav Pluins:
Backup Buddy + IThemes Security (affiliate link):


Yoast SEO:

Gravity Forms (affiliate and my favorite):

Helpful Other Videos:
WordPress Videos: versus

How to maintain your WordPress website with guest Matt Baya:

Search Engine Optimization Videos:
All about keywords:

How to build links to your website:

When they promise you the ‘top rank in Google’:

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