I had taken over the french press in our company breakroom after the employee who owned it left. I made my coffee many days a week and it was a happy frugal little ritual.

Last week, it broke. Ugh.

I looked at a few local discount stores (which seemed to have everything but a french press) and was about to buy a new one at the fancy kitchen store down the street when I went into the breakroom to get my lunch.

"Did you find a french press yet?" one of my coworkers asked.

"Nope, but I'm going to go get one today!" I said. Then someone else piped in.

"Oh, I have an extra one if you want it. I'll bring it by, I never use it anyway!"

Then that same day, my friend G was mentioning how she needed a phone and asked a friend of hers if he had an extra one. And he did.

So twice in less then 8 hours, the belief  "ask and you shall recieve" was proven. Maybe when we need something we should all ask around first, not just on Craigslist but among family, friends, and colleagues. And now we live in a society where it's becoming socially acceptable to do that!

Have you asked for something recently and actually got it? Do share!

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