A Cheap And Cool Souvenir That You’ll Actually Still Like Two Weeks Later

Neworleansprint_2 Maybe it’s that it’s spring and Sean and I have been talking about taking a vacation but travel is on my mind. Looking around my house reminds me of cool trips I’ve been on in the past because of something I learned from my friend Sarah.

While other people think about how to pack that sombrero for the plane flight back or try to find that perfect shot glass to compliment their friend’s drinking problem, Sarah swears by buying a print from a local artist. They are usually inexpensive (less than $10), they are unique to the area, and make for great wall (or other) decor once you get home. Alternatively, it can be stashed away in a scrapbook, not taking too much physical space in your life.

MoabprintNow there is nothing wrong with getting other souvenirs (if that’s what you’re into) but I think a print is the perfect compromise between something artsy and something fun. I took a few photos from around the house of prints I have from different places I’ve visited. Because I’ve never paid a lot of money for the prints (and because they aren’t originals), I have no problem cutting them down slightly to fit in a standard size frame. (Remember, if you see a frame that’s a good size, shape, and price, you should get it. Spray paint and/or Sharpie markers can easily change the colors of the frame.)

So if you are stuck on what to get from that flea market for yourself or your mom, a print is what I recommend. Just put down that collectible snowglobe and step away from the table of knick knacks. Your mom (and your wallet) will thank you.

Image: My framed prints from New Orleans and Moab, UT take up way less space (and cost less) then your average thimble collection. 

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