Looking for the kind of website that keeps you reading. Check out the "America’s Money: In their own words", an almost voyeuristic look at some "typical" Americans and their money.

Cnnmoney_2 The other day, I had my first big doubt about what I’m currently doing with the blog. "Do I really know enough to write this blog?" I thought. But then I realized as Sean was reading me some of these America’s Money stories last night that there was a clear difference in people’s thinking.

Some were continuing on a wrong path and frustrated (A favorite paraphrased quote: "..and with private school tuition, I don’t even know what to do.") Some people, however, were making changes and striving for self improvement. I think that’s the kind of person I am. It was then I realized that as long as I learned new things and kept sharing them in interesting ways, that maybe I can do this blogging thing. And as long as you keep learning and make strides to improve your situation, financial or otherwise, things should only get better for you too, even if you doubt that you can do it from time to time.

Short enough to be addicting, these money stories kept Sean and I looking at this website for half an hour or so (just another exciting Saturday night!).

Check out America’s Money here

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