Update: Sean’s back home from surgery but it will be at least a month before he’s close to fully recovered. I’m back to the blog, sporting my sexy wrist brace and awaiting diagnosis. Thanks to everyone for your notes and continued reading.

Aroomofonesownquote When I moved in with Sean into the house where he had been living over a year, I had two demands:

1) wireless high speed internet.
2) a room of my own.

A slight variation of Virginia Wolff but a similar goal: my own space to be creative in a house owned by someone else.

When the moving process was finished, this original idea had changed. Sean was so open in letting me make the house my own. (Though now he says of the first few months how freaked out he secretly was when I took over the kitchen.) Moving our bedroom to the back of the house and away from the street made sense and making the big master bedroom (which is painted a not-so-sleepy shade of yellow) into a big office for the both of us.

Many configurations of the room were considered and ultimately, my desk made the most sense on a wall without a window.

To inspire me to work at this desk (where I am much more productive), I needed inspiration. And so begun my wall of inspiration.

Awallofinspiration The wall has been reconfigured a few times (it actually moved with me from Vinalhaven). Occasionally new things are added and older things are either thrown out or filed (FYI I always keep things that are complimentary of me). The wall is both functional (calendar, phone numbers, shortcut keys for French accents) as well as creative (paint swatches, quotes from Borealis cards). When the wall is in balance, visually and informationally, so am I.

I keep things on the wall of inspiration that I think are cool. It doesn’t matter if someone looks at it and thinks my paint swatches are weird or wonders why I don’t have a photo of them displayed. The wall of inspiration is for me and no one else.

There are still things I want to add to the wall (believe it or not, not everything is unpacked from the great move) but even in its current form, the wall of inspiration is just that. It is my corner of the world, and with high speed internet here I am, I’m ready to churn out some moving literary works, or at the very least, a blog that a few people like to read.

Image from www.aroom.org.

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