TravelmedicinesuitcaseHow To Pack To Save Money Over The Long Weekend 

I’m taking a long weekend to visit old college friends this week and as I began to pack my bag tonight since it’ll be a crazy week. I tried to pack in a way that would save me some cash.

1. A tightly packed bag means no room to put stuff I would buy but don’t need. Might as well set myself up for success.

2. A refillable water bottle means cheap hydration with no calories. Emergence-C packets to mix in will make the water taste like raspberry ensure I don’t get a “traveler’s cold” after my trip.

3. Nonperishable but healthy snacks like yummy Luna bars mean I can skip a couple meals nutritiously and avoid blood sugar plunges that lead me straight to the vending machines of bus stops (bad places to go for a few reasons I’m sure).

4. A book/magazine means no buying pretty, glossy magazines ($$) on the way, no matter how much I want to.

5. A handkerchief, a scarf (see my post on warmth and style), painkillers, and pen and paper are logical things to have.

6. A gift for the hostess (homemade and/or inexpensive) and blank thank-you note means not having to buy something along the way and makes me seem like a polite guest.

7. A pared-down wallet (driver’s license, AAA card, credit card, and $50 cash) will keep me honest and a photocopy of its contents in my bag (not purse) will keep me from identity theft in case of robbery or misplacement.

8. Research of the place I am going including an event calendar from a local paper or deals from the local chamber of commerce printed off my computer for a starting point.

9. Picture representing my goal in your wallet (for me: a picture of me skinner, for you perhaps an island paradise villa or your child with a drawn-on graduation cap) with further deter overspending.

10. Checking Breaking Even and my other favorite personal finance blogs while on my trip for inspiration and motivation (ok, maybe not but I couldn’t resist).

With a little thinking ahead, I can easily save myself time and money. What about you?

I’ll try to post while I’m gone (I’m lugging my heavy laptop even) but if I don’t, I promise to keep updating this blog daily upon my return.

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