You know from yesterday's post that I drove about 400 miles on Wednesday and yesterday, I drove 300 miles to my hometown. I leave to go back home tomorrow morning. I will have driven 1,000 miles in four days. Why the insanity?

The 400 miles was for work and unavoidable. The extra miles are for a more fun reason.

I had two best friends from high school: Robby and Laura. Robby, Laura, and I pretty much did everything together. I see Robby a fair bit because we both live in Maine but Laura lives in New York City. I did the math and we haven't seen each other in five years.

Laura's sister is getting married tomorrow so she is in town. I took the day off work today and drove up so I could see her. I'm also going to visit my sister in her classroom (she teaches second grade) and I'm visiting my grandparents (memere and pepere). Should be a fun day but not much time to write.

So have a great day and I hope you get time to spend with people you love too.

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