I was reading in a magazine today about hosting a Yankee Swap where people had to bring in something that was already in their house. I thought this was a fabulous idea because I think everyone has at least a few things they could easily part with and no one enjoys buying some cheap under $10 to bring to a company party. We all have enough to think about (and spend money on) this time of year.

After I read this article, I was invited to a party with a Yankee Swap of exactly this brand. And knowing who may be there, I am actually excited/intrigued at the prospect of what I may come home with.

So if you’re hosting this sort of thing, whether it’s a work party or a low pressure way for your family to buy presents, consider a Yankee Swap with used things only. It’ll save everyone some money and if you go home with something you hate, you’ve lost no funds in the process.

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