In a world that doesn’t require companies to give vacation time and where we often work over time, maybe even time and a half, it’s hard to carve out 7-10 days for a real vacation.

YomammashomeEven if work doesn’t stop us, other obligations do, whether it’s a commitment to family or friends or a small dog that can’t be left alone for five minutes without devising a plan to get into the garbage. (Not that I’m naming names).

Sean and I took off towards Belfast, Maine today. He wanted to look at a motorcycle he saw in Uncle Henry’s and I told him I’d go if he bought me breakfast and took me downtown. After looking at the bike, we ventured down Main Street Belfast, popping into a few art galleries, which I like to think of as free art museums. Yo Mamma’s Home is a funky must-see housewares store where I think I could find a gift for anyone (and of course plenty for myself too)! The Green Store has everything environmental/natural from composting toilets to rice paper lanterns. The Belfast Co-op has an extensive selection of great food and you can even eat lunch there. We got snacks and I got some lunch foods, mainly Annie’s Burritos which are not only good for you but an affordable luxury at $2.50 each.

On the way home, we hit up Reny’s, a Maine department store whose flagship store is in, you guessed it, Belfast. I bought a dress and some minced garlic (sounds like a weird thing to buy in the same store but you have to see the place to understand how this can happen).

All in all, I spent about $50 on groceries that I needed and a dress (which was only $15) but I had a great time. While Belfast does seem like a cool place, it’s only a 45 minute drive from Ellsworth. I’m wondering how many other neat places there are just an hour away that would be explorable in one weekend day.

I suppose I could focus on the fact I’d love to go somewhere hot and Mediterranean for a month or I could be content taking these day trips most of the time for now. I never know how long I’m going to live somewhere including Ellsworth so I might as well take advantage.

In the meantime, any places you want to explore just a stone’s throw from your home? I’d love to hear about them. I may generate a list of my own to give myself plenty of things look forward to this spring and summer. 

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