Nicolesewsvideo Normally, I do keep my work and home life seperate but this week, I helped produce a truly great video about something that I've been putting into practice in my money-saving, style-maximizing life: sewing.

I've had my sewing machine for awhile and I recently took it out to make some alterations on pieces I wasn't wearing. I shortened pants, I brought the hem up on a skirt… In short, about two hours after I started, with just a few alterations, I managed to save ten articles of clothing from the giveaway pile.

Even sewing by hand can save you some money. Whether it's replacing a button or fixing a hole, you can salvage something that would otherwise go to waste or you can make a thrifty find work for your body.

One thing I want to attempt is making my own articles of clothing. My friend Jessica turned me on to BurdaStyle, which is an "open source" sewing site with free patterns you can download.

And if you have no clue where to start with sewing (or just want to see video of me), click here (or on the image above if I did this right).

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