• Email Marketing

    The ‘Old Faithful’ of online marketing, let us help you build your list and get more business from your repeat customers.

  • Website Design

    Get the website you want, on time. From small websites you want us to help you make yourself to complex redesigns, we handle it with a smile.

  • Social Media Marketing

    You need online marketing. Let us handle that while you run your business. We know what’s new, and more importantly, what’s working.

Recent Work

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  • Abbe Museum Mobile Website

    The Abbe Museum needed a way to reach its mobile visitors. We designed a mobile site with their most popular pages, compatible with their current site and their branding.

  • One Day Website

    We teach it twice a year (spring and fall) and it fills up every time. Over 300 people have come through this training! (We first notify about workshops on our email newsletter.)

  • Quigley’s Building Supply

    Three templates, one WordPress install. It can be done! This highly functional site allowed for separate identities with a cohesive brand with all parts of the business being searchable on the same database.

  • Artemis Gallery

    Artemis Gallery had more time and less budget so we trained them by helping them work on their own WordPress site. Fully functional so they can maintain it but they have a pro on hand to call if there is ever a problem, it was the best of both worlds in terms of a solution.

  • Grand’s Website Updates

    When The Grand’s website designer stepped down, we stepped in to make sure the website content stayed fresh and branding was respected. We also serve as someone to call if the website should have any issues.

  • Divine Organization Facebook Contest

    We helped Kat at Divine Organization set up a Facebook contest to build Facebook likes and celebrate her 8th year in business. This contest followed Facebook rules and engaged users.

  • Little Red Hen Baked Goods Email Newsletter

    Now Lexie can reach her customers easily with her free email newsletter system and remind them where she’s selling as well as highlight her unique offerings. We even trained her to do the sends herself.

  • Jeremy Frey

    A website design for a well known basketweaver (logo work by Loop Design Group). On this site, visitors can order/request information about specific basket types and see images of Jeremy Frey’s work in a variety of formats for easy browsing.

  • Yellow House

    Taking care of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for a small busy inn keeps new customers coming… and current customers happy.


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Here's what people are saying about Breaking Even:

  • Nicole’s presentations are well prepared. She is generous with her abundant technical skills and able to present information effectively and with delightful good humor…for being a geek she has amazing people skills!

    Linda Perrin Atlantic Art Glass
  • Nicole has the approach and cheerful attitude to be able to work with folks at all stages and abilities when it comes to the internet and I would recommend her to anyone.

    Breanna Pinkham Bebb http://www.ourtownbelfast.org
  • When Breaking Even handles my business’ social media, I can concentrate on other things. I recommend them to anyone.

  • Educational, fun & informative – I loved your Social Media 101 class!

    Christina Hastings http://www.learyslanding.com/
  • Breaking Even worked in a unique situation where we hosted and setup a Joomla server and they did the design work.  We are very pleased with the outcome.

    Joe Spinazola http://www.rsu25.org
  • It looks fantastic. Thanks very much! I could not be happier with the site!

  • Breaking Even was a pleasure to work with through the whole web design process. We love our website!

    Charlene Churchill http://www.ellsworth.lib.me.us/
  • Any kid out of high school can “do social media”, but Nicole is a true professional we count on daily. I can trust her to represent us with our growing community.

  • Our work together was easy and successful. Nicole is smart, fun, results oriented, and inventive. Hire her, you won’t be sorry!

  • About Nicole’s work, two words come to mind: Enthusiasm and Expertise. She knows what she does and she does what she says.

  • Breaking Even has handled every project efficiently and delivered results beyond my expectations. I can’t recommend them enough.

    Matthew Baya http://www.svaha.com
  • Nicole’s patience, communication skills, and follow-up are strong qualities that has helped us get direct results from her suggestions.

  • Nicole’s public speaking and instructional presentations are well prepared charismatic, a good complement to her technical skills. Nicole is my first choice when I get new projects.

  • Extremely talented and knowledgeable, Nicole has guided us into the world of peer-to-peer marketing with a thoughtful, well executed plan.

  • Nicole knows what she’s talking about and earns the respect of the people with whom she comes in contact. She is professional, enthusiastic, and responsive to the needs of her customers. Nicole is a real pro.