Helping You Make Money On The Internet Since 2008

We get it, you want the sort of cool looking online life that the hippest Instagrammers envy.
You want the kind of fame where people recognize you but you can still run to the grocery store in sweatpants once in awhile without being shamed in the tabloids.
You want to spending fifteen minutes checking email to see what money is coming in and the rest of the day paddleboarding near the beach of your villa in Tahiti.

I have a theory though. You only sort of want that.

You want that to be parts of your life but you really crave some more basic things. You want meaningful work that makes you happy. You want to go to your neice’s soccer game without thinking twice about how things will get done those two hours. And you want to have enough money left over at the end of the month where you ask yourself, ‘Hmmm, what should I do with this?’

Because really, more basically, you like your life as is.

You just want your business to make more money. Or you want your non-profit to be self sustaining. You want to sell more copies of your book, or reach more people who need dog walking services or craft beer.

Making more money makes more Instagram envy possible, sure, but it make the things that’ll actually make you happy more possible too.

There’s work between you and wild success and are willing to do what needs doing. But where to start? You know the key to this growth is somewhere online but what?
You get the internet can make you money.
You get the internet can help you save time.
You get the internet can help you realize opportunities you never dreamed of.

And that online guru is sitting on a dock somewhere with their Macbook Air telling you their plan will get you there.

Here’s the thing though: if one thing worked for everyone, we’d all do it.

The reality is based on what you have going for you and what success looks like to you, your road to online success will vary.

You need someone who’s going to work with you as your needs change. Someone who will talk you out of spending money you don’t need to spend. Someone who, like you, does occasionally enjoy some beach time but also is likely to be, say, getting insurance quotes or dealing with a weird water leak. Someone who wants to continue being in their business in a real way but also wants some of the sweetness of that beachfront life.

If you are somewhere between the bills and the beach, we are the people for you.

At Breaking Even, we run our business, just like you run your business, non-profit, or project. We’ve worked with as budgets as small as $100 and as big as $25,000 to get those businesses and organizations where they needed to go. We have high integrity (ask around) and low drama. And first and foremost, we want to make you money. Not because we’re greedy capitalists but because it makes things possible.

What do we do?

Marketing : We help people use online marketing channels to reach important goals.

Maintaining: With nine years of WordPress experience, we can fix, maintain, and enhance websites.

Training: We happily train one on one or in groups on anything we do.

Consulting: We talk with people about what they need and offer helpful suggestions.

If you think we can help, let’s talk!

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