Most days, I need a little afternoon pick-me-up. I don't mean necessarily caffeine so much as an excuse to leave the cubicle for a few moments. It gives me a chance to soak in some natural light and give my eyes a break from the computer screen, not to mention a moment to center myself…

Because I am now forgoing my coffee shop coffee, I have brought the experience to the breakroom. Since I now don't have to go anywhere to get my gourmet cup of happiness, that means I have more time to go for a quick walk down the street or even just peruse Better Homes And Gardens (I'm not sure who stocks the breakroom with magazines but I'm grateful!)

The french press that an old employee has left behind is nice though don't worry if you don't have such luck as to stumble upon one. The small Bodum three cup French press we have in there costs only about $20 (three European cups means one big 12 oz in America, land of the supersize).

My bag of coffee that I buy once every three months is $10. I know I've previously endorsed Rock City Coffee Jet blend and I'll keep endorsing it! I keep the coffee, Coffeemate powder, some cocoa powder, and some sugar safely in my cube (probably about $10 of coffee accessories total).

So for about $40, I have coffee for three months and more time in my afternoon break to enjoy the things I truly love: sitting in the quiet of the afternoon and perusing a magazine with pretty pictures. Not sure how Zen it really is but it sure relaxes me!

Anything tricks you have to make that work stress just fade in the middle of the day?

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