I’m knee deep into my big move, and if you’ve ever moved, you probably have an idea what state of mind I’m in.

Everyone talks about what a pain in the butt moving is but since I’ve done it about 20 something times in my adult life, packing stuff in boxes is not a really a big deal to me. The part that’s very difficult about this particular move is a little game I’ve come to call “yours, mine, and ours”.

Sean tried to make this easier by leaving for the weekend which I actually really appreciate but the task is to me to go through our belongings and figure out what belongs to me. Some of it is pretty easy: stuff he had before and stuff I had before for example. But there’s definitely a lot of gray area.

I don’t want to have to go out and buy new stuff but I don’t want Sean to have to either. I also am well aware that contents of a 3 bedroom house are not good fit at 220 ft.² apartment. Also, if I do move again I cannot afford to replace everything that I have now.

So this weekend it’s about compromise. My mother is coming today to bring to her house the things I want to keep (for now) but can’t fit in my new home. I am taking the opportunity to get rid of posessions I’m not using. And I’m going to be fair to a person I love and respecxt and leave him with the things he needs and loves.

I’m so nervous about not leaving enough or leaving too much. I hope I can do this right.

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