As I was lying in the dentist’s chair getting my teeth buffed and praying for no cavities when I overheard a cutest pet contest on a radio station. It was then I had an idea. Maybe I could make money by doing next to nothing. I Googled pet photo contests only to find a ton, some paying.

My dog Sadie is pretty darn cute. She’s 13 and I often joke that if she weren’t an old lady, I’d be pushing her into show business. And this is mostly a joke.

So for those who want to give me feedback, I’m making a Sadie photo album on this blog. Let me know what picture you think is the cutest and that’s what I’m sending in. Because I don’t often pursue these something for nothing events, I’ll indulge this one time. Plus it’s a great occasion to put together all those great Sadie pictures into one place.

Check out the Sadie album here!

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