Talk about random, huh?

Here's the story: Picture it: Friday morning, 9 am on a clear January day in coastal Maine. An eel falls from the sky onto a parking lot. An eagle had fished it out of the nearby river and probably dropped it when it realized the disgustingness of its catch. While the eel looks a little beat up from its ginormous fall, it is quite miraculously still alive.

So one of my coworkers goes to get a box to contain it and brings him (her? it?) to the river. The moment of release, he hears a stern “What do you think you’re doing?” and it’s a game warden. That's right downtown at 9 am and there is a game warden. He and my coworker come to an understanding of what’s happening and the eel takes a few seconds to swim off but eventually does.

When I had learned that all this happened within about two feet of my car, I begin picturing a fictious situation involving an awkward conversation with an insurance agent and an eel shaped dent in my hood. But I got to thinking a little more about it and in typical Nicole style tried to glean some sort of symbolism:

1. Sometimes you're just doing your thing then Bam! you're 100 feet in the air in the claws of an eagle. Life throws this kind of thing at you so it's best not to take it too personally.

2. When all seems hopeless, try wriggling. You can get out of most situations, sometimes though you have to be a little flexible or unconventional.

3. Just because you fall, doesn't mean it's over. There are so many nice people in the world who would love to scrape you off the pavement and take you back home (you know, as long as you don't bite them). I'm sure you've found at least once in your life that you're more resilent then you ever realized.

4. Choose your parking spots carefully. (Sorry couldn't resist that one)

Yes, this doesn't have much to do with personal finance but, come on, how often does this happen?

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