I'm having such a great time on my vacation. Thanks to those of you who are continuing to read the blog while I'm in Las Vegas. I appreciate it!

This has been one of those times where I only realized how much I needed and wanted to do this when I actually came here. I've gotten to spend time with two great friends I don't often see. We've done everything from checking out the Hoover Dam to trying out luck at gambling to staying out until 7:30 this morning. We've eaten at swanky restaurants and hotel buffets and Thai food at a restaurant strip mall. While relaxing isn't quite the word I'd use to describe the last few days, I can say that it is energizing to just be doing something different and fun.

I'll be posting some photos tomorrow. For now, it's time to get ready to hit the town. (Getting ready is half the fun actually!) Have a great night and I hope you are getting to do something fun as well.

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