So for awhile now, I’ve had several projects going. Good for me (right?) but it probably left you wondering, "Hey, what ever happened to that?" I’d like to update you on a couple of fronts.

First of all, you may remember how I decided to become a total stagemom and use Sadie as a meal ticket. Well guess what?!? Cutestpetcontest has come through for us, at least so far…Contestsemifinalist_2 I’ll keep you all posted as to Sadie’s winnings. This may be come tease, as half the email is spent telling me how I could go about buying this book that Sadie is apparently in.

Secondly, remember my trying out of The Grocery Game web site? I finally stopped procrastinating last week (the weekly "Guess what you’re missing" email from the company in my instance is actually kind of helpful). Sean and I did some of our shopping at "the other store" also known as Shaws since the Grocery Game does not price compare with Hannaford, where we normally shop. One trip saved us $10.91, more than paying for our month membership. (You can also try it for a month for $1.) I’ll do this a few more weeks to let you know if it ends up being worth it or not. So far, I get it and I’m a total Grocery Game convert… plus they have coupons you can print off their site. We saved $1 on Sean’s contact lens solution last week!

I’d love to compare these with other coupon sites. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? 

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