There comes a time in every person’s life when they realize they need to make a change, even if it requires spending more money. My moment came last week.

Having someone visit my apartment is always interesting if only because it makes me realize how small it is. Most of the time, I can ignore it but someone else is around, I get questions.

“Is this your paper recycling?” I was asked. “No, um, I just don’t have room for a filing cabinet so I pile it.”

“Where do you put your clothes?” my fellow fashionable friends wonder. “My mother stores my off season clothing. She’s about five hours away but, more importantly, willing to do so.”

I also put weird foods in the fridge because I have no cupboard space, contemplate if the dog would be upset if I got rid of her crate (two extra square feet!), and visit in my friend Jen’s apartment when she’s gone not only bring in her mail but just to sit in silent, glorious space.

I have decided that despite the hassle and possible extra expense, it may be time to move to a bigger location.

I’ve put the call out to my friends on Facebook and Twitter and have begun skimming the classifieds. I am considering all options including roommates and less-than-ideal locations as long as a) I can afford it, b) it’s year round (seasonal economy or not, I’m not moving every summer!) and c) I can have my dog.

I think that while it may cost more, if I move, I’ll be able to:

1) Use the additional square footage of office as a tax writeoff for my business.

2) Be less stressed out since I’ll be able to more clearly draw the boundaries between working and not working time.

3) Be healthier since I’ll at least have the option of working out with Wii Fit at my new place.

4) Have clients or even friends be able to stop by without issue.

5) Be a better dog parent by allowing Sadie more space to play and move.

6) Pursue money saving hobbies like buying in bulk.

7) Set up my office in a more efficient way with a filing cabinet and additional workspace.

This is how I’m justifying the possible move anyway. That said, if I don’t like my options, I’m staying. I’ll let you know how things go but so far, I can say I have a few leads.

So to those of you who have decided to move or not move before, what factors contributed to your decision?

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