Still Driving Myself Crazy but it's taking a little longer to demystify car insurance then I thought. So a slightly different car-related post for today.

Today, as I was driving in the fog, nearish the town of Gouldsboro but still lost, I was pretty frustrated with myself. I was clearly going to be late to my dinner party. I didn't have a cell phone to call my hosts, though reception would have been doubtful anyway. My frustration lowered as I entered survival mode and I began thinking about what I had in my car:

Early in the trip, I drank from my Sig water bottle to keep me from getting ravenously hungry. (I also usually keep a snack but I ate it my last trip and haven't replenished yet.)

Part way through the trip, I consulted the book of maps I keep in the car (I have one for Maine and one for the lower 48).

I have $20 cash I keep in a hidden spot in my car in case I need it but ascertained fairly quickly that even if I wanted to spend money on something, there was no stores where I was driving.

The sweater and sunglasses are for the constantly changing weather conditions of Maine.

I was thinking that if I got really lost, I have a blanket, toothbrush, and flashlight in my car as well.

I like to think that if I have to, I can survive in my car one night. I would have freaked out a bunch of people but it was survivable.

It was right after I had this thought when I saw a light on in a house, the first I had seen the whole rural trip. There were toys outside it- usually people with kids are less creepy so I tend to look for those kind of houses. I pulled in the driveway and was greeted by a friendly man, a cute little girl, and two happy dogs. The man let me use his phone to call my dinner dates and pointed me in the right direction. I was at my destination in less then ten minutes.

An exciting night that made me appreciate what I carry with me. Besides emergency car repair supplies, am I forgetting anything?

Tomorrow: Car insurance I swear. :^)

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