This First Annual Eclectic Festival Makes For A More Interesting "Mud Season"

Calf I really admire someone who chooses to hold a festival during Maine’s off-season. Sure, your festival can be a guaranteed money maker if you hold off for the tourists June to August but squeezing every possible type of celebration into three months is can be hard for us locals because 1) there ends up being so much going on that you can’t go to everything and 2) it gives you nothing to look forward to at other times in the year.

Enter The First Annual Comic Laugh Arts Festival that is happening in Belfastthis month, April 9-13. The whole thing is grassroots organized and publicized. I wrote in for a free bumper sticker and they asked me to place it somewhere prominent. I thought I would do them one better.

The Laugh Fest seems to have a lot going on, some of it free: party Friday night, YouTube workshop on Saturday, and a showing of “Funny Looking” photos at Aarhus Gallery. In addition to the free stuff, going to a movie showing (1 pm and 7 pm daily, various movies) or seeing some of the live performances will only run you $6. The highest priced act at $16 includes an opening band, performances from three comedians, and a catered bar.

All in all, this seems to be a very affordable and local-driven event. Belfastis a completely do-able drive on one tank of gas from many parts of Maine. Plus there is enough to do there during any downtime to round out a day. (See my post about a Belfast day trip here.)

It’ll be fun to be part of something new and exciting that could easily become a popular tradition. If you live nearby, I hope to see you there!

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