Why Do Cashiers Comment On My Purchases?

I’ll preface my story by saying that strangers talk to me all the time. I get why: I seem friendly and wholesome, I look harmless, and I have a vaguely familiar face that makes me look like someone you may know. Am I so-and-so’s old college roommate? Do I know your granddaughter? I’ve heard it all.

People randomly talking to me is not something new, though recently I’ve noticed something interesting in what strangers are saying to me.

The other day, I was buying my usual Odwalla Superfood juice which I sometimes drink for breakfast.

“Wow, that juice is expensive huh?” the cashier said.

At multiple grocery stores, I’ve had cashiers comment on my expensive purchases of, say, organic produce or in this case slightly overpriced spinach/fruit juice.

Now if I was a smoker, would the person cashing me out have said, “Wow, this carton is expensive huh?” Of course not. Yet for some reason, when I buy something healthy, I get comments.

I know we are in hard economic times and my $6 gallon of juice may seem frivolous but why? My food and drink are an investment in my health. Why would someone, especially a stranger, share with me that they think it’s expensive?

Has this ever happened to you? And if so, have you noticed others stating opinions your purchases more lately?

On a related note, I found a recipe to make Odwalla juice at home for a third of the price. Hmph

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