LinkedIn: The Sleeper Social Network

LinkedIn: The Sleeper Social Network

Most of the time, when people talk about social media, what they are really talking about is Facebook. No one has ever asked me to give a LinkedIn seminar and when I talk about building my network using it, I usually get a couple eye rolls. Here’s the thing...

This Week In Business: The Mess Up Edition

Those on Facebook know that I went to a talk this week where one of the presenters implied that one person companies were less responsive and legit then larger businesses. I like to think I’m fairly responsive, but the death of my dog last week did slow my capacity greatly, so maybe he was a little right. My company limit is, at this point anyway, how hard I can work, but larger companies are also limited by how hard they can legally make their employees work. I think it all comes out in the wash; there are advantages to both large and small.
So it was back to full capacity at Breaking Even Communications this week, but I know I’ll spend the next few weeks catching up completely. Here’s what’s going on:

This Week In Business: Back To It Edition

Coming back from trip is always interesting, especially realized you have agreed to housesit the week immediately following your return. This makes me glad I invested some time last week making my business more mobile!
Here’s what else I haven’t been up to, you know, besides driving hundreds of miles.
I’ve given myself much more reading to do by joining some LinkedIn groups.
LinkedIn is a professional social networking website but what I’ve heard from most of its users is that its power lies in the groups. Various LinkedIn groups have been set up around geographic location, occupation, or even hobbies.

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