Coming back from trip is always interesting, especially realized you have agreed to housesit the week immediately following your return. This makes me glad I invested some time last week making my business more mobile!
Here’s what else I haven’t been up to, you know, besides driving hundreds of miles.
I’ve given myself much more reading to do by joining some LinkedIn groups.
LinkedIn is a professional social networking website but what I’ve heard from most of its users is that its power lies in the groups. Various LinkedIn groups have been set up around geographic location, occupation, or even hobbies.

I now get a daily e-mail from Living and Working in the State of Maine, Professional Bloggers, Maine Entrepreneurs, and Social Media Marketing. The daily digest e-mails have pointed me to some interesting articles and maybe when I get more savvy, I can be a little more interactive.
I’m finally going to get project management software.
While my memory is pretty good, I gotten to the point where I can’t remember all the projects I have going on. Four or five projects on a Google Calendar are fine but you start getting upwards of 30 projects with multiple steps each, it’s easy to lose track. I’ve begun my research, and getting help from my entrepreneurial friend Renée on the subject. Stay tuned.
I signed up for Mozy file backup.
I try to remember to backup my computer once a week with my extra hard drive. Of course, that doesn’t always happen.
Yesterday, my cell phone froze up and I thought I had lost all my contacts. It ended up working after I took out the battery and put it back in but that was enough to freak me out. Sure, I have a backup of phone numbers on my computer but what would happen if my computer crashed? For the peace of mind, I can handle five dollars a month.
Hope you are having a good week as well!

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