My Internet Silence

Hi! I missed you blog friends. You have probably been online all week. Question is, where have I been?

Besides having a busy week involving houseguests (of the two and four legged variety) a six hour road trip beginning very early Friday morning, it was hard to sneak in work (let alone fun like blogging) without a working internet connection near my house.

I almost didn’t move because of Time Warner Cable. My suspicions of hassle were confirmed as I spent the last two weeks trying to get the internet at my house, which I still didn’t have when I left yesterday.

I had happily been mooching off my neighbors connection for a few days when sometime Wednesday, the connection got weak. I was able to look at webpages and update my Facebook status sometimes but couldn’t seem to do things like attach documents to emails (you know, work). I was relieved that I was going to have my strong consistent connection on Thursday when the cable guy came to turn on my internet.

Marketing Monday: The Juice 2.0 Conference

If you want to organize a good conference, take a lead from the Juice 2.0 folks! Meanwhile, if you think your business should be profiled as part of Marketing Monday, do contact me.

What I Learned Losing The Juice 2.0 Conference Pitch Contest

In my world, no news is bad news. If I have something good to say, I’ll change my status update of Facebook, tweet, write a blog, or call my mother (or all four).

It is no coincidence that I was pretty quiet online Friday and Saturday, in part because I didn’t even make round one of the pitch session. (And in part because there was no working internet connection at this conference!).

I will say that the conference was a worthwhile one to attend and that I will go back when they have the follow-up version two years from now. Here are some general observations from my two days at Juice 2.0 Conference: