Hi! I missed you blog friends. You have probably been online all week. Question is, where have I been?

Besides having a busy week involving houseguests (of the two and four legged variety) a six hour road trip beginning very early Friday morning, it was hard to sneak in work (let alone fun like blogging) without a working internet connection near my house.

I almost didn’t move because of Time Warner Cable. My suspicions of hassle were confirmed as I spent the last two weeks trying to get the internet at my house, which I still didn’t have when I left yesterday.

I had happily been mooching off my neighbors connection for a few days when sometime Wednesday, the connection got weak. I was able to look at webpages and update my Facebook status sometimes but couldn’t seem to do things like attach documents to emails (you know, work). I was relieved that I was going to have my strong consistent connection on Thursday when the cable guy came to turn on my internet.

My appointment was between 12 and 5, appropriately sucking up my whole afternoon and also making it a little difficult to get to the internet cafe before it closed at 3 pm while still making a morning meeting with one of my clients.

The cable guy showed up around 2 and got right down to business. I was fantasizing about all the things I was going to do once I had blazing fast internet when his voice interrupted my thoughts.

“Do you want to hear the bad news first or the good news?”

The bad news was, you guessed it, still no internet…thank goodness that is not the case at Sarah’s house in Vermont! But I drove six hours to see old friends, not ignore them while I work online.

So back to the regular Breaking Even blog schedule on Monday, whether it is at my now empty house with my own working internet or at the cute but ergonomically incorrect internet cafe in town.

Have a good weekend, and enjoy your internet for me. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone…

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