Yeah, these posts are a little boring but sometimes some house cleaning is in order:

Henna Follow-up 
So after several showers and airing out my apartment on Saturday, I must say the Great Henna Experiment of '09 has been successful. (The post was also apparently cool enough to get linked on Blogher. Nice!)

My hair doesn't feel gritty but the texture is noticeably thicker. I've also gotten a few compliments on my hair, which doesn't happen normally. Oh, and the gray hair is gone. Mission accomplished, and for three dollars nonetheless.

Taxes Are Done or Nicole Outsourcing Part One
My taxes are done and my refund is essentially going to pay for my accountant. As I was sitting with my accountant, he looked at me and said "You know, you could do this yourself." but as I told him "I know I am capable of doing this, but it stresses me out so much I'd rather pay you to do it." Still, flattering that my accountant thinks I'm smart!

Web Content Migration or Nicole Outsourcing Part Two
One year and a half year's worth of blog posts to move manually plus one bad case of carpal tunnel equals a lady frustrated that her new website isn't ready to go yet. But I've sunk money and time into this thing and it's time to finish. I'm hiring one of my friends to do some copying and pasting for me while I use my energy to do formatting. Yay teamwork!

I'm Getting Out Of Town
I booked my friend Robby to visit my friend  Laura in New York City. We are going in two weeks. I am so excited at the prospect of getting out of town, even if it is for a long weekend.

Tomorrow's post: Do you actually know what your friends do for work? Neither do I! An experiment involving our perception of other people's jobs versus what they actually are. . .

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