I was sad to see on the news this morning that a boat capsized on Maine lake this past weekend, killing two of four men who were in it. It seems like a bizarre parallel coincidence but it was upon hearing this that I realized how far I've come this year. The families involved are in my thoughts. It has become less about my grief, and for that I am relieved.

Today is the one year anniversary of my father's death. He drowned when a boat he was in with three of his friends capsized on Maine lake. He was 51 years old and I miss him every day. This experience has dramatically shaped my life and made me more aware of the human condition and the suffering of other people.

I think it might be easier today if I continue with my normal routine rather than take the day off, in part because the there is a lot to do this week but also because that's what he would've wanted me to do.

So expect Too Cute Tuesday post later today. My crafts often drove my father crazy, and I don't see the point of stopping now.

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