Due to the extreme awfulness of today, I am not going to blog.

I found out this morning that the father of one of my best friends (and a great man in his own right) passed away. It was sudden, and he was young. He was a good man that many people have fond memories with. I remember feeling how she is probably feeling right now a little less then a year ago. I wish I could take it away but I know that we are all forced to go through these things in our own time.

I've also found out today that a personal mentor of mine, one I've worked closely with in the past, is dying of pancreatic cancer. She reminded me in a phone conversation tonight that she is old and has had a wonderful, full life. She is thankful for this time she has to get her life in order, and for thinking all these things I think she's pretty brave. I knew she was brave before all this actually. I am hoping that I'll get to see her one last time, and I'm thinking of what it'll be like to say goodbye to someone in person. I've never done that before.

So with all this news today, it seems like it would be pretty frivolous to blog about anything else. Whether you go slowly or quickly, young or old, death is something we can't escape. Some days, it's ok to take the time and think of this. I also can't help but think about my  life and how I want to be living it. So that's what I'm doing.

Thanks, I know you understand.

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