Anyone who has taken a difficult step away from what they are ‘supposed’ to do can’t say they’ve never doubted it. I am no exception.
There are periods of uncertainty I go through where I wonder if I’m doing the right thing.
I’ve been housesitting for a couple good friends this weekend and while walking through their neighborhood and seeing all the houses for sale today, I thought “Shouldn’t I be on the path towards this?” I mean, shouldn’t I have a house and maybe a husband and kids by now? Why am I using my nest egg to start a business that may or may not work?

As if the Universe wanted to remind me, I got into a conversation with a friend about a good western song. I remembered this one from awhile back that used to be on a mix CD my thesis advisor in college had. I pipetted to this song, and others, for hours…but this is the one I remember most.

Listen to the lyrics. The Night Rider’s Lament is like The Road Less Traveled poem by Robert Frost, but far less cliched. It’s about taking a less-than-popular road, and personal conviction in taking it. Here is my favorite version of it, though there are about a million covers on Youtube.

I’d also like to say that the song doesn’t seem properly named. ‘Lament’ isn’t the right word, especially for the understanding that seems to come at the end…

Anyway, hope you enjoy! And do feel free to share any inspirational songs like it…

Lyrics to ‘Night Rider’s Lament’

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