My sandals and I enjoy the view...just hours before one of them would disappear forever.They say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, and boy, is that true. Especially when it comes to cute and functional footwear.

At the end of the sailing expedition this past weekend, I was walking down the ladder to get onto the dingy when my flip flop flopped off into Somes Sound. My friend motored over to rescue it but ran it over in the process. It disappeared into the dark waters. I hobbled onshore with my one shoe.

“I hope they weren’t expensive.” he said.

Now as a personal finance blogger and otherwise practical person, I don’t have $100 flip flops. Maybe if I lived somewhere where it didn’t snow nine months of the year, I’d invest, but otherwise, I like my summer shoes like I like my entertainment: cheap and fun.

I bought these Maine Isle flip flops at the beginning of the season for $20 on the LL Bean website, the total ended up being $27 with shipping. I have worn them hiking, kayaking, walking… everywhere really. The arch support is incredible and they, after three months of almost constant wear, didn’t even look worn out.

Here they are in all their glory and, at less than $30, a good buy that are good for your feet.

I wore the one shoe all the way home and took it off at my front door. I didn’t junk it initally because I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye I guess.

So I hopped online yesterday and ordered a replacement pair. And as a flip flop connaisseur, I hope it carries some weight when I say these are the best flip flops I’ve ever owned. And as someone who likes good quality at a good price, I hope it carries some weight that, if my apartment wasn’t only 220 square feet with one closet, I’d buy multiple pairs.

If you want your own pair, here is the link. And check out the other 755 reviews of them if you want some other opinions. There’s still a few more weeks (at least in Maine) to rock them out!

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