So remember how I recently accepted a part-time position as  a desk clerk at an inn a couple miles away from my house? When the change is made from my current job to this new job, I will be saving roughly 8 hours a week commuting and about $30 in gas a week.

Bimmersmoped I've also recently (and somewhat irrationally) paid $300 to fix up moped that my father gave me before he passed away.

I was trying to decide whether it would be a viable option for me to use my car much less the summer and use the moped to get around between my job and local clients.

Here's how the cost breakdown:

Repairs $297

Transport of the moped to my house (lunch for my pickup driver Chris and myself, which was totally a bargain) $30

Insurance (even though I can only use the moped four months of the year in my fair state, I have to pay for a whole year…ugh) $180

Registration $20

Inspection $20

Moped cover (to keep it out of the rain) $40

Total cost = $587 / four months = $147/ month

Yes I could get around without the moped (and probably for about the same price as what I put into it!) but something about this connection to my dad and the start of this new life, I think it'll be really fun to use. Plus I can look at it as an investment for the coming summers, you know, now that it's working.

So if you see me tooling around Bar Harbor this summer, do wave and I'll beep at you!

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