I decided to take the evening to research my upcoming vacation, but not for the reasons you might think.

I'm attempting to schedule a few informational interviews with communications and public relations companies in the Las Vegas area. Why crowd my vacation with business?

1) The more companies I meet and learn about, the easier it will be to know the kind of companies I want to work for. Everything from work environment to corporate values I can learn about by experiencing a diverse group of businesses.

2) I can exchange ideas with the people I meet with, possibily improving both of our businesses. A meeting may result in a contact or a collaboration or even just some great conversation.

3) It's something productive to do during the days I would otherwise be spending sitting at a pool. (I like to relax, don't get me wrong, but after a few days I'm kind of done with the whole doing nothing thing.)

4) It's always good to have a chance to practice job interview skills: asking thoughtful questions, listening effectively, presenting yourself professionally. An informational interview means nothing to lose and lots to learn.

5) Depending on how my scheduling goes, an interview could make my whole trip to Vegas a tax writeoff.

So I've sent a few emails tonight and will send a few more tomorrow. I also thought it would be fun to interview some Las Vegas based bloggers so if you know any (or are a Vegas blogger yourself), let me know. In true Breaking Even style this is going to be a fun vacation to be tourist-y and learn something.

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