One Part Of My Diversified Stream Of Income

People have been asking me how my part-time gig is going. I got clearance from my bosses so now I officially feel comfortable writing about it.

What inn are you working at?
The Inn At Bay Ledge is located approximately 5 minutes from downtown Bar Harbor. It is on a cliff overlooking Frenchman’s Bay. This is my view; try not to hate me:

Frenchman's Bay off the enclosed porch at the Inn at Bay Ledge. Yeah, I know, pretty fantastic, huh?

The Inn has 12 rooms including three cottage rooms, one private waterfront cottage, and eight rooms in the main building. A little trivia: Jenna Bush here are her Maine engagement trip a couple of years ago. (For the record, I only found this out after I start working there.)

What do you do?
I do your usual desk clerk miscellaneous tasks. I answer the phone and take reservations, I fold laundry, I served tea and cookies every afternoon, I answer guests’ questions, I do a little light data entry, and in general I am a courteous representative of the inn and the town of Bar Harbor. It’s pretty easy; I like it.

What you like about your job?
Well first off, it’s some social interaction for me which, working from home most the time, I don’t get. This also allows me to get away from my computer and change gears a little. (Yes, even computer nerds need to get away.) I am also able to bring Sadie my dog with me which I appreciate. And finally, the Inn has a blog which the owners want me to maintain. Yeah, I think I can do that.

This job is a flexible one but with regular hours, which is what I need help me stick to a schedule with my business and in my life in general.

What don’t you like about your job?
Folding fitted sheets. I am apparently incapable. Good thing I only have to do this for about half an hour week. Other than that, so far so good.

How is this helping your business?
First of all, a regular paycheck is helping to keep me pay bills while I grow my business. I was expecting that at the start, Breaking Even Communications would operate at a loss. Having this part-time job allows me to continue paying my rent and buying food without using my savings.

More directly, the inn should provide some good contacts both locally and with the people visiting. A photographer called the other day and when he comes to the area in two weeks, I’m going to meet and talk with him about internet marketing possibilities.

So you can follow the Inn At Bay Ledge blog if you want to see me blogging at work, otherwise, I’m sure this job will also provide material for this blog in the future.

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