My mom and sister were raving about Lakeside catalog the last time I visited. They even made me take home a copy of it. I personally thought the fake 80s jeans comme lounge pants were quite a find for the 80s loving guy in my life so I took the thick catalog with me.

I just started looking through it the other day. Eighty percent of the catalog costs less then $20. It seems to be a lot of knick-knacky stuff, with a strong preference for the "primitive" style of decorating. Now I just tried to look up a definition for primitive and I couldn't find one. While there isn't one online, my sister has taught me the concept by showing me examples in hers and my mother's home decorations. Check out the photo illustration for some examples of primitive and not primitive:


I think you get it. I bet my sister is rolling her eyes as you read this. (I got a little obsessed with pointing out primitive objects to her a few months ago, to the point of annoyance I think.)

So if you like primitive, check out Lakeside Catalog. But don't worry, Lakeside has lots for those who aren't so primitive. Here are ten of my picks from the Lakeside catalog.

1) 80s style lounge pants for your favorite 80s man
2) Little Miss or Mr. Men books for your favorite kiddo (or friend who embodies one the qualities)
3) Taste of Home cookbooks for your favorite cook
4) Book of Useless Information for that guy or gal who has (or knows!) everything
5) AKC Stuffed Animals for your favorite pet who likes to rip the heads off cute plush animals
6) BYO Laptop sleeve for your favorite techie
7) Scrapbooking supplies for your favorite crafter
8) Three canvas photo prints for your favorite nature lover
9) Detoxifying foot patches for your favorite health nut
10) Fake croc wallet clutches for your favorite fashionista

Since we are all going to be spending less money on holiday gifts this year, I'm guessing stores like Lakeside will become more popular.

If you have any discount catalogs you like, do share.

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