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This weekend, I found myself completely without internet, which is a small
scale nightmare for a daily blogger like myself.

I've been mooching off my friend Jen's internet for the last two weeks. She's
away for three weeks so it wasn't rude to get my posts written, photos
ready, etc. at my apartment then piling on my winter gear to head the 1/4 mile
to her house and quickly post my blogs around 10 pm. A pain yes, but my only

This weekend, however, her internet stopped working. Usually when a wireless
router doesn't work, turning it on and off can be enough to get things moving
again. Only I don't know where Jen's router is, and I'm not the kind of person
who's comfortable snooping in someone else's apartment. I restarted my computer twice, ran a
virus scan, and defragged. I gave up yesterday and watched Ratatouille to cheer
myself up, vowing not to drive to Ellsworth on a non-commuting day for five
minutes of internet time.

I literally drove around the other night looking for any unsecured wireless
signal I could find, refreshing my available network list at almost every block.
Nothing within Bar Harbor proper that didn't require a password. (And if you're
thinking of all the cute little internet cafes you saw when you were last in Bar
Harbor during some pleasant summer day, know that those cafes are boarded up
until spring.)

So today, I'm calling the Bar Harbor Public Library and seeing what
information they can give me. Look for me getting back to a daily schedule
hopefully later today, even if it does involve some extra driving on my end.

I (finally!) get internet at my house Friday afternoon. Can't wait!

Just wanted to let you know I was still alive and writing, just haven't been able to do much about getting it on the web. Happy Monday!

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