There are times that I realize that I'm not really that hard core of a personal finance blogger. I do watch my spending pretty closely and tend not to buy things when it comes down to a decision. But if my mind keeps coming back to a purchase, I tend to rethink it.

I have been wanting flowers for about a month now. I waited until after the Easter rush and then went to my local florist and asked them what they had as far as deals going on.

I walked out with some gorgeous (and local!) lilies and a carafe/vase for about $13. The owner tried to sell me $15 vase but after she realized I wasn't buying, she departed briefly and came back with a five dollar option. (I think she actually physically went in the basement to get it.)

When asked about what discounts were being offered, I found out that customers automatically get 25% off for picking up their own flowers at the store. Interesting, and good to know for future reference!

So my apartment smells fantastic right now and it was a small price to pay for it. Because I deserve a little treat once in awhile, right?

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