This past weekend, I got married. It was really fun.


We decided to do a brunch wedding for several reasons. 1) It meant people had the rest of the day to do something else. 2) Open bar before dark = less ridiculousness. and 3) Who doesn’t love breakfast food?

Between the brunch menu, the historic schoolhouse for the reception, and post and beam church we got married in, the vibe was low key.

We took our photos by the Stone Barn, which is on the corner of Norway Drive and Crooked Road about two miles from our house. It is a beautiful property but what I like best about it is we drive by it everyday which is nice to remember things.


Our service was at a Lutheran church (a church we go to). Our pastor gave a great sermon that included everyone from religious family members to atheist friends. Our friend Geraldine sang a beautiful bilingual solo and our friends Liz and Debby were cantor and musicians respectively.


tablescapes(I have held out for YEARS to see someone look at me like Derrick is doing in that picture. And it was worth the wait.)

My mom (who really ought to be a professional wedding planner) helped organize it all. She ordered table cloths, made cloth napkins (all different fabrics), hunted down silverware, ordered mason jars, made enough jams for everyone to take home as favors (‘spread the love’) and helped me figure out plants for tablescapes. The end result was very cool: homemade but classy.

ellawithprogramsWe had friends decorate the 22 chalkboards at the Schoolhouse (including Kassie) and Derrick’s mom made the wedding cake. A dear friend Julie made our wedding rings. “I think at least once a week how great it is you two found each other.” she says.

Our friend Mike emceed the event and toasts were given by my sister Michelle (maid of honor), Derrick’s best friend Corey (best man), Derrick’s dad and my mom. We then all ate and danced a bit.

Friends came from as far away as England (Phil and Geraldine!), Montreal (Alice, my other bridesmaid), and Portland Oregon (college friends Bailey and Jeremy with their daughter Alex). I couldn’t believe all the people that made an effort to be there.


Overall it was a great day that felt like it was over too quickly. But the food was great, the drinks were strong, the love was felt, and the people around us were amazing. It was nice to look around the whole day and see different people playing roles in the day, right down to niece Ella who took it upon her three year old self to hand out the wedding programs.

I hope everyone had a great time but so long as Derrick and I did (which we definitely did), it was worth all the work to put it on.


Happily ever after? I sure hope so. But I have a feeling no matter what, someone truly amazing has my back. And isn’t that all any of us can really ask for?


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