So glad technology has improved since back in the day...and sorry folks, was not going to take photographs of myself for this post!)€”Wikipedia Commons ImageI’ve been saying goodbye this week to one of my friends who is moving to Saint Louis for graduate school.

Sarah is my friend from North Carolina who for the last nine months has lived down the street from me. She has taught me a lot about being a southern girl and the other day at Bar Island, I learned about a great tip from her Aunt Georgia.

Aunt Georgia is an aunt who understands. (Mine happened to be named Aunt Peg.) Think of Aunt Georgia as the one who makes you coke floats and lets you stay up past your bedtime watching some inappropriate movie when you stay at her house.

Aunt Georgia understands, which is why she is also the aunt who will take you for a bra fitting at a nice department store.

Writing about underwear on the blog, yes, I can’t believe I’m doing it. But think of undergarments as architecture. If the foundation of a building is not good, how does that bode for the building?

Here’s a few compelling reasons why it’s worth getting your butt to a department or lingerie store for a proper fit:

1.) All your clothing will fit better. Think of not having to deal with button down shirts that gape open, or jersey tops that cling to unflattering areas.

2.) You’ll look thinner. Surest way to look leaner is to wear clothing that fits properly, as in not too loose or to tight. Here’s an example.

3.) It’s better for you. A well fitting bra improves circulation and prevents sagging. Seriously!

So perhaps I’ve convinced you that this is a fantastic idea. How is a girl on a budget supposed to do this?

First off, find a department store with a bra fitter. By the way, did you know 80% of us have it wrong?

Then, go there, preferably with an Aunt Georgia type who understands.

Buy one or two of the bras from the nice bra fitter who helped you. You can always buy more at the outlet part of the store or wait until there’s a sale. You really only need three bras total: one to wear, one in the wash, and a backup. (Yet another fun fact: Did you know you aren’t supposed to wear the same bra two days in a row?)

Finally, store your new acquisitions properly so they will last for years:
Store them flat, and don’t invert the cups.
Rotate your bras everyday.
Handwash and air dry.

Think your assets aren’t so important? Read this pseudoexperiment about canvassing with and without properly fitting undergarments. That’s right, 60% more signatures with a properly fitting bra. Crazy huh?

So whether or not you have an Aunt Georgia, I hope you get yourself properly fitted. Think of it as investing in your other assets!

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