It was bound to happen at some point. One of my very best friends is about to start going through a divorce.

I’ve been thinking a lot more about this more than I thought I would be. I just keep thinking what a great person she is, and how she shouldn’t have to go through this. Also I was thinking about the very limited things I could do to help, and feeling a little powerless.

She was telling me her parents are going to take over her car payments for her while she gets on her feet. Coming from a supportive though religious family, she told me she was surprised at their degree of support about all aspects of this.

“I couldn’t believe they even thought of offering to help with the car.” she came back to later in our conversation.

I was thinking later about how my mother last fall (which seems so long ago now) paid my first month’s rent and paid for my bed when I moved out of my then-boyfriend’s house. She even drove over five hours in each direction just to help me move.

When we go through hard things in life, money is the last thing you want to think of. Yet when someone takes care of something financial, it is so wonderful and unexpected that it’s one of the things you really remember.

Have you had anyone, a family member or otherwise, taken care of something financial for you during a difficult time? Your ideas might give all of us some more ideas about how we can be supportive to our family and friends!


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