Nicole Joins The 21st Century

Today, I did the unthinkable and bought a cell phone. Those of you who know me are probably shocked so I'll give you a moment to recover from your shock.

Ok, now that you've recovered…

Crackberry I finally bit the bullet on the cell phone for a few reasons. First of all, I missed an important phone call while on vacation that required me to spend $17 overnighting a check. Also, since I've been traveling a lot, I am beginning to see the importance of having one while I'm in transit (I mean, I have to use 45 units off my calling card to make one call from a pay phone! Come on!). And finally, I sat next to someone on the plane who I had a very in depth conversation about the pros and cons of cell phones with. In having this conversation, I realize my beef with cell phones is the lack of manners associated with them, not them as useful devices. Colan (my seatmate) finally convinced me the benefits far outweighed the costs and since he isn't family or a friend, I was able to listen to him objectively.

Being the over researcher I am, I've been asking around with family and friends this past week about good plans and companies to go with. Verizon was recommended, Sprint was not. My Canada-adjacent friends also turned me to the fact that there is an additional plan that can work with Canadian towers without charging roaming fees. I also found out things like 300 text messages a month is more then enough for a 27 year old woman and that the superfast network with the Apple iPhone isn't even available in this area. I do like my internet research but I find talking to a lot of people most of the time even more helpful, don't you?

So I walked into the store armed with all this information today and picked out my phone. The store didn't have it in my preferred color so I'll be picking it up tomorrow.  

My one hesitation with the cell phone is the two year commitment with the plan. My friend Sarah says Congress is working on passing a law that would make it easier to get out of a cell contract early. Until then, I guess two years with a nationwide carrier is doable.

I am also getting a hands free device right away. My friend Robby knows someone who go lymphoma on one side of his neck possibly from cell phone use and quite honestly, with cancer speculation is enough for me to err on the side of caution.

I'm excited to be joining the rest of society in this regard. I'll hopefully be able to be more productive and a better friend with my new toy. (This progressiveness is made possible by my mom, who is paying for my phone and first year of service as a Christmas gift.)

In the meantime, I urge all cell phone users to use manners while operating. Check out this comprehensive list to remind you of some things you shouldn't do.

Article from the University of Wisconsin about cell phone use and cancer
State Laws in Regards To Cell Phones

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