I never thought I’d see the day when Fort Kent, Maine would be number 7 in Google searches. Fort Kent, Maine is my hometown. Most of my family lives there. And it’s flooding.

Fort__kent_43008_2_3I called my family and they are ok. The lumberyard of the family hardware store is a total loss but it sounds like they had insurance. My family members helped with the evacuations and said the water was rising pretty quickly yesterday while they were doing that.

The sun is out today though and it seems like the water is receeding. My mom said this whole thing has prompted people to think of rebuilding the International Bridge, which has apparently been swaying. The dike kept the water from spilling over onto Main Street by a few inches (at least, in some places). For awhile, everyone was in suspense because it could have gone either way.

My friend Roland sent me this photo via email. The next day, I saw it on the front page of the Bangor Daily News.

Please keep Fort Kent in your thoughts. I sure am.

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