You too can beautifully stare off into the middle distance with a cool cuff.My aunt has been the keeper of a lot of my grandmother’s and great grandmother’s jewelry.

My great grandmother liked the flashy costume stuff, my grandmother prefered the earthy or antique-y things as a general rule. Some pieces are easy to attibute to one woman or the other but others are a little more difficult.

Recently, my aunt cleaned out her collection and via my mother passed on some things to me.

It was perfect timing, since I have been feeling the urge to buy new clothes but having neither the money to buy them or place to put them.

Going through the pieces with my mom had the added benefit of being a fun activity. She told me stories about both women and even had some vivid memories of what specific outfits certain pieces were worn with.

I now feel like my old clothes look a lot better next to this new jewelry!

I put my Victorian looking pin on my jean jacket sometimes. Unexpected, and it kind of dresses it up.Meanwhile don’t wait for a friend or family member to have this idea. Ask someone you know who has a good stash (and a generous nature) to clean out their closets and/or their jewelry boxes. They’ll get rid of things they aren’t using and free up some space in their lives. You’ll benefit from something new that you don’t have to buy. If you could stand a clean out, offer to do the same and have an exchange.

No matter what, if you are asking someone to do something for you, offer to help. It’s just good manners!

The fashions or jewelry you’ll end up with will likely 1) be unlike anything else in stores today and 2) have a interesting story behind it. Better than anything I could have gone out and bought!

Thanks Aunt Peg!

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