What to say in 50,000 words? Guess we better think of something!

What to say in 50,000 words? Guess we better think of something!

They say every day you should do something that scares you. What if you dedicated a whole month to it?

Alice and I, beyond working together, happen to be really good friends. When I told her last month that, after reading The Happiness Project, I wanted to tackle National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWrMo for short), she agreed to join me. It’s the first year for both of us, though Alice actually has some novel writing experience, which I’m pretty jealous of at the moment.

We decided as a non-work but good life experience we’d tackle this novel month together. This will get us thinking more creatively and ideally make us better at our day jobs.

These past few weeks we’ve been reading helpful books (like No Plot, No Problem), writing down character and story ideas, and hoping we can writing 50,000 words in 30 days while business trips, Thanksgiving, regular work, and life continue to happen.

Thanks for your support (asking us ‘How is the novel going?’ is great for support and accountability) and maybe, someday in the future, you’ll see our novels on a bookshelf.

But until typing ‘The End’, I begin this project completely terrified. 🙂

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