I think we all like to hold on to things from our past. It's one thing to keep an old pin in a jewelry box or a box of greeting cards in your closet but it becomes another issue when your sentimental attachment takes up substantial space and has a horn that beeps like a roadrunner.

Moped In short: My father fixed up then gave me his now 28-year old moped. It died two years ago. Then he died last year.

The moped sat in a shed while I tried to figure out what I wanted to do with it. I finally had to do something when I moved a month ago. I decided to take it to a small engine repair man with a good reputation. I told him if it cost over certain amount to repair it, that he should dispose of moped (either way, I was going to pay something). I completely forgot that I did this, which is why I was surprised by his phone call yesterday.

For less than $300, Mr.Repairman is confident that it could be up and running no problem. "It only has 1500 miles on it." He said, clearly impressed with its condition other than needing a few small replacements. Sentimentality won out and I told him to go ahead and fix it. Here's why (besides sentimentality) I decided to resurrect the moped:

1. It was my dad's, and that is really important to me.
2. It gets about 100 miles a gallon, which will come in handy commuting this summer.
3. A new moped (which I’ve considered for awhile) would cost me way more than $300.
4. Since it is 28 years old, it should be cheap to both insure and register.
5. It's small and light enough to be stored in my basement until spring.
6. It's totally retro, and as you see it's totally “me” (it looks just like this except it's blue).
7. Mr. Repairman isn’t someone who is trying to screw me over, at least not according to my sources.

So within the next couple of weeks, I will be a two-car household. Here's hoping that future sentimental attachments won't be as odd… I doubt that any them will be this fun.

*Bim is Nicole's father's nickname. Nicole took to calling him "Bimmer" in her adult life, which he thought was funny.

Image from classicmopedparts.com

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